Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular Therapy, as developed by my primary teacher, Paul St. John, is a scientific and detailed application of techniques of massage therapy and movement, which are carefully choreographed to relieve pain patterns in the body. Such pain may be a result of overuse or injuryimbalances in posture, unhealthy or unconscious movement habitsincomplete nutrition, or very often some combination of the above.

My protocol includes a comprehensive historical intake and discussion with you, a thorough and objective analysis of posture and movement patterns, and a subsequent plan for therapy. With this information, I can readily determine which tissues are likely to be overloaded, and whether or not there may be nerve entrapment or compression, trigger points and/or oxygen starved (ischemic) areas, all of which may contribute to pain. I utilize all my varied training and communication skills to engage with each person and to assist them in restoring true health.

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