Massage for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is no fun for anyone, and those with osteoarthritis can experience pain, stiff joints, decreased mobility and minor to major swelling of the tissue surrounding the joints. Although it can be hard to find a ton of ways to manage the pain that comes with osteoarthritis, massage therapy has been proven to help alleviate arthritic pain and strengthen your flexibility and mobility. continue reading »

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How Massage Can Help Sciatica

Sciatica is characterized by pain in the buttocks that that often radiates down the outer and back leg and possibly even to the toes. If left alone, sciatica can be very debilitating. The sciatic nerve is  the longest nerve in the human body, arising from the lower portion of our spinal cord and following the same pathway through the leg that typical pain patterns occur. The sciatic nerve runs through so much of our body, it’s no wonder having sciatica can be such a literal pain. continue reading »

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5 Reasons Massage Can Improve Overall Health

Massage is great for your overall health. Most people assume that massage can only help correct your sore muscles and reduce tension present throughout your body. But, that is a false assumption. Massage therapy is a great way to keep your overall health in tip-top shape. Check out these five reasons as to why massage is great for your overall being. continue reading »

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Massage Therapy for Sleep Improvement

Have you been having trouble sleeping lately? If you’ve answered yes, you should consider setting up a massage therapy appointment. Massage has been proven to help decrease restlessness, and to reduce the likelihood or frequency of insomnia. Routine massage therapy appointments are a great remedy for those experiencing trouble with their sleeping patterns. continue reading »

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Massage Therapy Complements Cancer Therapy

National Cancer Institute-Designated Health Systems Increasingly Utilize Massage Therapy  by Karen Menehan

A cancer patient might face such medical procedures as surgery, medication and chemotherapy,
as well as ongoing treatment post-recovery.

Increasingly, therapies such as massage are used to mitigate pain and anxiety.

A new analysis of U.S. cancer centers’ websites indicates massage, along with acupuncture,
consultations about nutrition and dietary supplements are the integrative therapies most
commonly offered in National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated health systems. …

MASSAGE Magazine spoke with a leading oncology massage educator to help determine the
reasons behind this growth.

Johnnette du Rand Kelly is a massage therapist who practices oncology massage. She is also
founding director of Greet The Day, an organization that provides therapies for cancer patients.

MM: The authors of the analysis mentioned that conventional cancer treatments can produce
challenging effects like hot flashes, nausea and fatigue. How does massage therapy benefit
cancer patients?

JK: Research shows that massage reduces pain and anxiety.

When a cancer patient or family member asks me about the benefits of massage, I often like to
also add that it is touch that feels good at a time when touch often does not, and that massage is
a reminder for the patient that they can feel better, possibly even good, at a time when their body hurts.

Being able to meet the basic human need of safe and comforting touch is in and of itself

MM: In your experience, what has the response been by cancer patients to massage therapy?
Are they aware of it, do they feel better after receiving it, do they request it?

JK: In both in- and out-patient settings, patients’ response to massage is, unsurprisingly, very
welcoming and overwhelmingly receptive. In the two academic cancer centers that Greet The Day works in, the patients who are aware of massage as an available service regularly request it. For others, it’s a pleasant surprise to be offered massage as a part of their care. … Source:

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3 Things You Never Knew About Massage

There are few things as relaxing as receiving a massage. Massage therapy is known worldwide for its rejuvenating, calming and soothing properties. Even the briefest of massage sessions can solve many of your health problems. Massage is known to promote healthy blood flow, soothe muscle tension and reduce stress, resolve many aches and pains, and speed up the recovery process for certain injuries. In addition to these well-known properties of massage, there are some facts about massage that are less well-known. Here are just three things you never knew about massage.

1. There are more than a hundred types of massages

There isn’t just one type of massage technique. There are actually over hundreds of different types of massages. Each massage practitioner specializes in certain types of massage treatment and can offer you different massage options when you book an appointment. A few of examples of different types of massages include: deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Neuromuscular therapy, prenatal and even pediatric massage . Chances are there is a massage treatment that fits your needs. Contact your local licensed massage practitioner today to find out more about which type of massage is right for you.

2. Massage is for all ages

Massage is for everyone. That’s right –  from young children to senior citizens, massage therapy can work wonders for all age groups. Massage therapy can be very useful to everyone, no matter your shape, size age or body type. Conscious and healthy touch is definitely beneficial for the well-being of all types of people. The rejuvenating and relaxing properties of massage are waiting for you; so contact your local licensed massage practitioner today to tap into them.

3. Massage elevates your mood and makes you happy

It really does! Massage has been proven to elevate happiness levels in those who receive regular massage therapy sessions. This is because massage therapy releases mood-altering chemicals – endorphins – throughout the body. This rush of endorphins causes an increase in your overall feelings of happiness and contentment. This is why massage is a great cure for stress, depression and anxiety. Consider getting massage therapy today to get yourself mentally back on track!

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Massage Therapy for Cold Season

Cold and flu season is in full swing, and you know what that means – it’s time to stock up on tissues and those over-the-counter medicines you normally use to combat the nasty little germs trying to bring you down this winter. But, did you know that booking a massage therapy appointment can be just the perfect way to stay healthy this cold season? continue reading »

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Massage for Lower Back Pain

Are you experiencing lumbar pain? Does physical activity now feel like a chore? Don’t let lower back pain cripple you, seek massage therapy to correct your low back pain and get you back to the active lifestyle you are used to living. Check out why massage therapy may just be the right treatment for your low back pain. continue reading »

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5 Essential Oils to Use With Your Massage

An interesting way to get the most out of your massage therapy session is to incorporate the beneficial properties of essential oils into your treatment plan. Essential oils can work wonders on the body when combined with massage. Each essential oil has their own distinctive properties that work on different parts of the body, mind and spirit. There are many different essential oils that can be incorporated into a massage session, but there are also a few essential oils recommended to get you the most out of your massage.

As always with massage therapy, it is recommended to receive multiple treatment sessions in order to reap the most rejuvenating and healing effects possible. Check out the five essential oils you should ask for at your next massage therapy session. continue reading »

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Why Massage?

You’ve heard your friends talk about having massage therapy, their experience and the benefits they’ve enjoyed with massage, especially on a regular basis.  So you may be wondering: ‘Should I try massage, and how might massage help me with my health issues?’  You are probably thinking: ‘Why should I even get a massage in the first place?’

Massage therapy is, simply, very good and beneficial for the body. It is much more than a one-dimensional therapy. Massage can treat specific injuries, and concurrently effects relaxation and rejuvenation throughout your physical body, and mentally/emotionally as well. Massage can be an integral part of maintaining a healthy and balanced life. continue reading »

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