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“Healing hands and intuitive sensibilities”

Healing hands and intuitive sensibilities make Christine one of the best practitioners I have ever known. Thanks to her help over 20 years ago for severe sciatica, I have been able to strengthen my back and core muscles. She is a gift to all of us.  (Anne D. Р9/9/2017)

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“Strongly Endorse”

I don’t endorse many health practitioners. However, I strongly endorse Christine Ruppert, massage therapist. She was my therapist for more than a decade, through very tough years as scoliosis warped my spine, my muscles, and my pain receptors.

If you are in DC, or suburban Maryland, and need excellent massage therapy for neuro-muscular problems, do yourself a favor and book

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“Gifted & Dedicated Massage Therapist”

Christine is a gifted and dedicated massage therapist. Her technique is flawless, and her intuition about the most effective treatment is spot on. She is diligent about taking continuing education credits and thus masters the latest techniques and incorporates them in her practice. Christine has expansive knowledge of anatomy (as I learned taking yoga classes from her for more than

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“Accomplished & Experienced”

Christine is accomplished, experienced body worker that I have been seeing for the past couple of months and plan to continue working with. I really enjoy her professionalism and approach each week and leave feeling rejuvenated and restored. I am planning on running some races this year and know her work will continue to help me train and perform at

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