“Extremely knowledgeable; explains clearly her therapy process”

In 2013 I began suffering with severe neck & shoulder pain. I was unable to sit for more than an hour or so, unable to drive for more than 20 minutes, and my life consisted of standing, walking, or lying down.. each combined with different levels of pain.
I followed all the recommended medical advice: saw 2 neurosurgeons, a pain management doctor, was on steroids, had physical therapy, had an epidural, and took OTC medication. While all this helped to a small degree, I was still in pain. The months of physical therapy helped, but never lasted more than a few days after leaving the office. No one seemed to be interested in what was causing my pain. They were interested in relieving it – and it wasn’t working.
One day a friend mentioned she was seeing a therapist (Christine) for a leg problem and she was very happy with the results. I was now willing to try anything. It had been a long, painful, & exhausting 7 months and I didn’t want to have surgery, which was a final option. I took Christine’s number and that was the beginning.

My first appt. with Christine was so positive and enlightening that I left feeling (for the first time) encouraged and optimistic. She is extremely knowledgeable and explains clearly her therapy process. I asked many questions and she was always patient and understanding.
After several sessions with Christine, I was feeling better than I had in months and soon I was able to move without pain. Things have continued to improve and now I’m back to living my life the way it was before my neck/shoulder pain.

Christine looks for and treats the source of pain…something no one else did. I most definitely recommend her.  (Sheila S. – June, 2015)