“Gifted & Dedicated Massage Therapist”

Christine is a gifted and dedicated massage therapist. Her technique is flawless, and her intuition about the most effective treatment is spot on. She is diligent about taking continuing education credits and thus masters the latest techniques and incorporates them in her practice. Christine has expansive knowledge of anatomy (as I learned taking yoga classes from her for more than 20 years). As a longtime massage therapy client, I respect Christine’s compassion and her considerable skill. Here’s just one example of her skill: Once, while playing ice hockey, I injured my back so badly that I could not stand up straight. I went to Christine for treatment, thinking it would take several sessions. But she healed me in just one massage therapy session. Over the years, I have recommended many friends, with various physical ailments, to Christine; all of them raved about how well she was able to help them. I highly recommend her!¬† (Max K. – March, 2017)