3 Simple Self-massage Techniques

Massage therapy has been around for centuries. It has been discussed in the ancient texts of many languages, including Chinese, Indian, Greek and Egyptian. While the exact roots of massage therapy are not known, it is known that getting regular massages can be very beneficial for those who receive them. Massage can treat everything from aches and pains to digestive issues to insomnia and more. 

Everybody experiences aches and pains, insomnia, digestive upset and stress at some point in their lives. But not everybody can afford to either take time out of their busy schedules or book time with a professional massage therapist to get relief. And since most insurance policies don’t cover massage, it can become pricey. Self-massage is something that can be done by anybody and in almost any location. Here are three self-massage techniques that can provide relief when you are limited on time and money.

The first simple self-massage technique requires nothing more than time and your own fist. Using your fist, you lightly to moderately “pound” the affected area. This technique has been used for centuries by martial arts practitioners. It is a great way to stimulate blood circulation and loosen up tight muscles. You gently thump your body from top to bottom and then back up again, from front to back and back to the front once more. Using this technique in the morning can be particularly beneficial because it wakes up the mind and body and relieves muscle tension and stress.

The second self-massage technique uses a tennis ball. Applying pressure with a stable surface like a wall or the floor can improve your results. If your feet are hurting, you can place the tennis ball under your foot and roll it back and forth to relieve the achiness. If your back or legs are sore, the tennis ball can be laid on or leaned on and you then roll back and forth over the tennis ball to loosen the affected area. Lastly, using the tennis ball as an extension of your hand can be helpful for smaller and more awkward areas.

The final self-massage technique is what most people turn to when an area feels tight or sore. Just apply pressure with your hands or fingers and gently massage the area. For areas like the head, sometimes utilizing the fingernails can be helpful. Giving yourself a good vigorous scalp scratching is actually a form of massage and it can help relieve tension headaches, eye strain and neck pain. Plus it’s really relaxing. 

Self-massage techniques don’t have to be fancy. You can use your own fingers or hands, balls or foam rollers or even a pencil eraser. Muscle tension can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. And while a great professional massage provides relief without the expenditure of your own energy, it might not be viable at the exact moment you need it. So by applying some simple self-massage techniques, you can be your own massage therapist and resume your daily activities with very little down time. Give these techniques a try and see how you feel.

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