Best Massage Techniques for Shoulder Pain

Best Massage Techniques for Shoulder Pain

If you experience shoulder pain, massage therapy can be a very effective tool for dealing with some types of pain, but it really depends on the cause. It’s important to understand your injury and know when seeking massage therapy is appropriate. Here are a few shoulder injuries where massage can really help relieve pain.

Bursitis is one issue in which massage can help. Bursitis happens when fluid-filled sacs (known as bursa sacs), become inflamed and swell due to direct injury, or repetitive or excessive use of the shoulder joint. Massage may help reduce swelling and/or inflammation, and more importantly, it can release muscles and tendons that can cause pressure on the bursa. Applying ice right after the massage can help to reduce inflammation.

Tendonitis is caused when overuse of the muscle joint causes the tendons to become inflamed. Massage therapy can help to lengthen the tendon and muscle tissue, thus releasing the pressure on the tendons. Arthritis pain can also be present in the shoulder and massage can be helpful to release the muscle tension in the surrounding area, thus releasing pressure on the joint. 

Shoulder impingement happens when the shoulder blade puts pressure on the rotator cuff tendons and bursa. It then “impinges” the normal function of the shoulder. Massage therapy releases the muscles causing the impingement. 

Massage therapy can be beneficial for shoulder pain, if not directly, then by releasing muscle tension and restrictions in the surrounding tissue. As we take a thorough health history, you can explain the type of shoulder pain you are having and we can discuss which massage techniques might be helpful. Many solutions are possible to reduce or eliminate the pain, so make an appointment today!

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