Massage Therapy for Cold Season

Cold and flu season is in full swing, and you know what that means – it’s time to stock up on tissues and those over-the-counter medicines you normally use to combat the nasty little germs trying to bring you down this winter. But, did you know that booking a massage therapy appointment can be just the perfect way to stay healthy this cold season?

Massage therapy has been proven to increase the quantity of white blood cells circulating through your body. And when your white blood cell count increases your immune system is bolstered.

Sounds like a pretty logical solution then, right? If getting a massage can increase my white blood cell count, which in turn protects me from the cold and flu, the decision to get one should be easy. The answer is always yes!

But that isn’t all massage can do to help prevent you from getting a cold or the flu this winter season. Here are some of the additional benefits of massage.

Benefits of Massage for Cold Season:

  • Helps you sleep better, which promotes good health
  • Reduces stress, which can prevent illness
  • Increases blood flow and white blood cell count
  • Improves and increases the flow of lymphatic fluids, an immune booster in itself

Keep in mind, getting a massage shouldn’t be the only preventative measure you take this cold and flu season. In addition to massage, make sure you wash your hands regularly, eat properly, drink plenty of water and get good rest! If you do all of these things and combine them with massage therapy, you could be in for a winter season that is both flu and cold free.

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