3 Things You Never Knew About Massage

There are few things as relaxing as receiving a massage. Massage therapy is known worldwide for its rejuvenating, calming and soothing properties. Even the briefest of massage sessions can solve many of your health problems. Massage is known to promote healthy blood flow, soothe muscle tension and reduce stress, resolve many aches and pains, and speed up the recovery process for certain injuries. In addition to these well-known properties of massage, there are some facts about massage that are less well-known. Here are just three things you never knew about massage.

1. There are more than a hundred types of massages

There isn’t just one type of massage technique. There are actually over hundreds of different types of massages. Each massage practitioner specializes in certain types of massage treatment and can offer you different massage options when you book an appointment. A few of examples of different types of massages include: deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Neuromuscular therapy, prenatal and even pediatric massage . Chances are there is a massage treatment that fits your needs. Contact your local licensed massage practitioner today to find out more about which type of massage is right for you.

2. Massage is for all ages

Massage is for everyone. That’s right –  from young children to senior citizens, massage therapy can work wonders for all age groups. Massage therapy can be very useful to everyone, no matter your shape, size age or body type. Conscious and healthy touch is definitely beneficial for the well-being of all types of people. The rejuvenating and relaxing properties of massage are waiting for you; so contact your local licensed massage practitioner today to tap into them.

3. Massage elevates your mood and makes you happy

It really does! Massage has been proven to elevate happiness levels in those who receive regular massage therapy sessions. This is because massage therapy releases mood-altering chemicals – endorphins – throughout the body. This rush of endorphins causes an increase in your overall feelings of happiness and contentment. This is why massage is a great cure for stress, depression and anxiety. Consider getting massage therapy today to get yourself mentally back on track!

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