Massage Therapy for Stress Relief

relaxed-guyThe benefits of massage therapy are numerous, but the most requested and desired by far is stress relief.  We know that stress can accumulate in the body and mind even with the activities of everyday life;  similarly, negative stress can be reduced by modifying some everyday habits and finding new ones to encourage more balance in your life. Regular exercise, plenty of fluid intake and rest, positive attitude and environment and of course, massage therapy are a few of the choices you can make.

In this fast-paced, challenging world, the desire for stress relief is on par with Eurydice’s desire to escape the underworld (and probably to seek revenge on her husband). Although most of modern society can’t compare to the standards of Greek mythology, everyone has their problems. Whatever they may be, massage therapy helps to alleviate the associated stress that goes along with them, and in doing so helps to improve overall happiness and quality of life.

When receiving a massage, one expects an experience of relaxation, and massage by its very nature is soothing and relaxing.  The effects of massage therapy extend beyond the conscious level of awareness, and it is commonly said  that it heals not only the body and mind, but also the spirit. Since this is an abstract concept, it is hard to provide concrete evidence. However, the results of massage aren’t difficult to prove.

Stress has a very real, physical effect on the body which is commonly manifested by aches and pains, frequent illness from weakened immune systems, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, and/or digestive problems.  Many of these physical symptoms of stress, perhaps unbelievably, can be alleviated, or even disappear, through the application of skilled touch – the practice of massage therapy.  Additionally, massage can decrease anxiety, improve self esteem, and encourage a more positive attitude. It’s like voluntary brainwashing, if thought of more literally, like a brain-bath in joy.

Using massage therapy to relieve stress improves physical well-being, which further encourages mental ease and vice verse, thus creating a positive cycle which may help prevent excessive stress from accumulating in the future.

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