Stretching Tips to Keep You in Shape


There are many ins and outs of stretching; both literally and figuratively. Some of the most appealing aren’t always the best ones. When muscles haven’t been stretched in a while, and/ or have not been exercised regularly, you may experience some irritation as you begin or resume your stretching program. Resist the temptation to over stretch, to stretch too fast or to stretch to a place that is more uncomfortable than necessary. This helps you avoid possible and sometimes serious injuries.

As a general rule, if you stretch to the point of pain, you are likely going too far too fast;
try to find a way to do a similar stretch that will cause less discomfort, but still provide the optimal lengthening effect. Bouncing is generally unhelpful while stretching, as it often causes unnecessary damage to ligaments. Coming in and out of your movements slowly helps you to stay aware of and allows you to absorb the benefits of a particular stretch.

WebMD has a page that talks about how you can stretch at work, especially if you work in an office at a computer every day. Scheduling times during your work day for stretching, even if you work at home, is a great idea. When your work is especially intriguing or demanding, these reminders are especially important. Stretching helps you change your body energy, removing stiffness and kinks, refreshing your brain, and giving a brief respite from the daily grind.

Massage therapy is a valuable supplement to your stretching program. It, too, bathes your cells with fresh blood and oxygen and removes waste products more efficiently. You can enhance your exercise and stretching routines by including massage therapy, and reap the healing and restorative benefits massage provides.

Please feel free to pick up the phone today, and schedule an appointment for a massage tailored to your particular needs. Work out the kinks and prepare for tomorrow’s 24 hours of life.

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