Massage Therapy for Back Pain

It’s a fact – almost everyone experiences back pain at some point. Back pain is a nuisance, it can prevent you from doing the things you want to do, and living the way you want to live.

Back pain can vary in many ways; from lower back pain to full back pain, everyone may experience it differently. Because your back has so many ligaments and muscles, it’s common to feel strain or pain in a lot of different areas. But, no matter where, or when you experience your back pain, one thing holds true, massage therapy can help alleviate your pain and relax your muscles.

Both chronic (that nagging backache) and acute (usually sudden and often sharp) pain can be treated with massage therapy. Getting a massage treatment for back pain can allow you to regain mobility you may have lost in areas such the pelvic and vertebral joints, and can relieve muscle spasms and increase flexibility as well.

After a massage therapy session, your body functions better, especially by improving circulation. An increase in your circulation allows newly-oxygenated blood to flow back to those usually tight soft tissues that need it the most. Further, over time your internal organs build up metabolic waste, and freshly-oxygenated blood will transport that waste away from your internal organs – one more reason why having massage therapy is so integral for your health and overall well-being.

When it comes to back pain, most doctors and other health care providers choose to have their patients pursue massage therapy treatments in conjunction with the treatment methods they prescribe. Massage therapy is known to be very beneficial for relieving many types of back pain, including muscle strains, osteoarthritis, muscle injury, herniated disc and fibromyalgia.

If you have severe back pain please make sure to check with your medical doctor before beginning massage therapy treatments. This assures that your massage therapy does not compromise the treatment plan already being prescribed for your condition. Massage is a great way to help you heal, especially when it comes to back pain. Is it time for your massage yet?

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