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Massage for Chemotherapy Patients

Patients undergoing chemotherapy are truly going through some of the toughest times of their life. Chemotherapy is an intense and rigorous process that can break down even the best of us. Although chemotherapy is used to treat cancer it more likely than not can produce undesirable effects on the patient’s body. Massage can be used as a treatment to

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Massage Therapy May Offer Relief for Cancer Patients

It’s estimated that between 40-50% of the U.S. population will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. While breast cancer is the most common type, others may include colon/rectal, endometrial, kidney, leukemia, lung, melanoma (skin), pancreatic, prostate and more. However, a new study suggests that massage therapy may offer both physical and psychological relief for the millions of men and

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Cancer and Massage Therapy: One Woman’s Story

The closing session of our recent AMTA Massage Therapy Conference featured presentations by Dr. Gabriel Lopez, Oncologist at MD Cancer Center, and Suleika Jaouad, a young cancer survivor and NY Times columnist. I was honored and privileged to witness this presentation, and it was perhaps my most poignant and powerful experience of the conference.

Dr. Lopez described how massage therapy,

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